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7110 | Trustee Remuneration and Expense Allowance Policy

Date Approved: September 11 2012
Date Reviewed/Amended: September 15 2015


The School Act mandates Boards to authorize payment of Trustee Remuneration and an Expense Allowance.



  1. The Trustees of School District No. 52 (Prince Rupert) shall be paid an annual amount as Trustee, Vice Chair or Chair, as the case may be.  The annual amount will be paid in twelve (12) equal instalments.
  2. The annual amount will be determined by computing the average amount paid to Trustees, Vice Chair and Chair, respectively, of the School District comprising the Northwest and Northeast Regions.  The data used in the computation will be the data supplied by the British Columbia School Trustee Association.
  3. The annual amount will be revised in even numbered years and the rate will be made effective January 1st of that year.
  4. Trustees will receive a monthly allowance of $75 ($900 per annum) for telecommunication costs incurred by the Trustee.
  5. A Travel and Subsistence Allowance will be paid pursuant to Policy 7120 to Trustees traveling on Board business.



School Act – Section 71

7120-10 - - Travel and Subsistence Allowance
7120-10 - - Travel and Subsistence Allowance
7120-20 - - Travel and Subsistence Allowance - Approvals Regulation