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3420 | Video Surveillance Policy

Date Approved: October 12 2010
Date Reviewed/Amended: December 14 2016

The Board of Education supports a variety of programs and practices to improve student safety, employee safety and the protection of school property.  Each year significant funds from the district operations budget are spent to repair school property damaged from vandalism.  The need to deter destructive acts, theft and/or other criminal activities should be balanced with a commitment to providing a learning environment for students and a working environment for staff and others that recognizes the right to assemble and associate without undue intrusion on personal privacy.  The Board supports the controlled use of video surveillance systems in the district where circumstances have shown that their benefit to deter theft, destructive acts and acts of violence outweighs the impact on the privacy of those observed.

A recorded video record is recognized to be subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA).



Bylaw #7 Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy Bylaw

6710 - - Records Management 
6710-10 - - Records Management Regulation 
3420-10 - - Video Surveillance 
3420-10A - - Video Surveillance - Form 

6710-10 - - Records Management Regulation
6710 - - Records Management Policy
3420-10A - - Video Surveillance - Form
3420-10 - - Video Surveilance Regulation