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5310 | Volunteer Policy

Date Approved: November 08 2011
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 10 2015

The Board believes that the education of students is a shared responsibility among its employees, parents and members of the community.  The active involvement of parents and the appropriate use of volunteers as helpers have has the potential to provide considerable benefit to our students and increase communications and positive relationships between the schools and the community.  Volunteers also make valued and appreciated contributions to enhancing enhanced student success, the enjoyment of school and enriching an enriched school climate. 

Involvement of volunteers is encouraged in activities for which the volunteer is qualified and which do not interfere with or replace employees performing their regular duties.  Volunteers shall perform tasks only under the supervision and guidance of district employeesstaff. 

The Board encourages expects the use of volunteers in District schools and expects its schools to be safe and secure.  The use of volunteers must be supported by appropriate safeguards with respect to the selection and use of volunteers.  The Board, through its employees, must maintain control of school programs and school-sponsored activities.   Regulation 5310-10 sets out the manner and conditions in which volunteers may become involved in school life.  

5310-10 - - Volunteers in Schools