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3350-20 | Acceptable Use of District Technology Regulation

Date Approved: October 06 2017
Date Reviewed/Amended:

Role of the User

  • Users are expected to act in a responsible, ethical and legal manner in accordance with district policies and regulations, including the district and school Codes of Conduct, as well as Federal and Provincial laws;
  • Users are to endeavour to make each electronic communication truthful and accurate.  Care should be used in drafting email and other electronic communications.  Anything created or stored in an electronic system must be reviewable by others (i.e. non-reversible encryption may not be used to hide actions that would not be suitable).
  • Users are responsible for any unauthorized charges, fees, and costs resulting from their accessing the internet using district technology or personal devices.
  • Users are permitted access to district technology to assist them in the performance of their job or the fulfilment of their tasks or duties, including student/school related duties.
  • Use of the internet and the district network must be in support of educational objectives or the effective operation of the district.
  • Use of district technology will take into account the varied instructional needs and learning styles/abilities of each user.
  • It is the user’s responsibility not to initiate access to unacceptable material and to cease access to such material immediately when inadvertent access to such materials has been gained.
  • District technology generally must be used for educational and operational reasons relating to the mission of the district.  Incidental personal use is permissible, but is subject to district policies and regulations as well as Federal and Provincial laws.
  • Report any known inappropriate use as set out below.


Role of the Principal or Supervisor

  • Ensure that all employees at the school or in the building receive instruction on the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy and Regulations.
  • Establish procedures to ensure adequate supervision of students using district technology.
  • Ensure that information about the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy and Regulations is provided to all other authorized users at the school or building.



Courteous Use of Electronic Information Resources

  • District technology should be used at all times in a manner that upholds the integrity of the district and does not compromise the learning environment.
  • Users should always consider that, when using district technology or personal devices to communicate, they are communicating with a real person.  Electronic communications should be courteous and respectful at all times.  In addition, it is important for all users to weigh carefully the content and tone of their messages.


Network Safety

  • When a user believes they can identify a security problem on the network, they must notify their principal or supervisor, and/or the Information Technology Department, and not demonstrate the problem to others.
  • The district network must be used in a manner that will not negatively impact, or threaten the security or integrity of district network, data or technology.
  • Vandalism (including theft or unauthorized access) of district data or technology will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and such inappropriate use may result in discipline, civil liability and/or criminal penalties under Federal or Provincial laws.



  • Viruses and malware can cause substantial damage to computer systems.  Each user is responsible for taking reasonable precautions to ensure that they do not introduce viruses into the district’s network.  Within reason, all material received on any data storage media must be scanned with an antivirus product supplied by the district.  A list of antivirus software that is suitable for the district can be obtained by contacting the Information Technology Department.


Liabilities of the School District

  • While the district will attempt to make reasonable efforts to ensure that its network and data, including educational resources, are used responsibly by users, it cannot guarantee that unauthorized or inappropriate sites will not be accessed.
  • The availability of the district network to users does not imply an endorsement by the district of its content nor does the district guarantee the accuracy of the information within its network.
  • The district will not be responsible for any damages a user suffers, including loss of data, resulting from delays, non-delivery, mis-delivery, or service interruption caused by the district’s negligence or by the user’s errors or omissions.
  • The district will not be responsible for any financial obligations arising from a user’s or any other person’s unauthorized use.



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