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4310-10 | Occupational Health and Safety

Date Approved: March 20 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: October 25 2019

School District No. 52 is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and to the promotion of safety-conscious attitudes within the District.

Joint Health and Safety Committees will operate at each district site in accordance with WorkSafe BC Regulations.  Training will be offered annually to members of site committees.

The District Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee will share information from the site committees and will organize the annual OH&S training requirements for the district.

All employees will comply with WorkSafe BC Regulations which are relevant to their responsibilities.  Some regulations apply to all employees, for example:

  • New or Young Workers (Regulations 3.22 to 3.25)
  • Employee Conduct (Regulations 4.24 to 4.26)
  • Violence in the Workplace (Regulations 4.27 to 4.31)
  • Bullying and Harassment (Policies D3-115-2; D3-116-1; D3-117-2)

Other regulations are relevant to employees in specific jobs, for example regulations with respect to Chemical Agents or Fall Protection.

School District buildings, grounds and equipment will be maintained to ensure that physical and health hazards are guarded against or eliminated.

Work procedures will be conducive to industrial accident prevention and to provide a work environment free from industrial disease.

Principals, Managers and Directors are responsible to ensure that their employees are trained in, and comply with, proper work procedures to complete their work efficiently without accident or industrial disease.

Employees are responsible to follow proper work procedures and observe all pertinent safety regulations. Employees will promptly communicate any Occupational Health and Safety concerns to their Principal, Manager, or Director.


4310              Occupational Health and Safety Policy
4310-40         Incident Reporting and Investigation Decision Tree
4310-44         Near Misses Regulation
4320-10         Bullying and Harassment Regulation
4330-10         Protection of Employees from Violence in the Workplace Regulation

4310 - - Occupational Health and Safety Policy
4310-40A - - Incident Report and Investigation Form
4310-44 - - Near Misses Regulation
4320-10 - - Bullying and Harassment Regulation
4330-10 - - Protection of Employees from Violence in the Workplace