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1410-20 | Use and/or Possession of Controlled and Illegal Drugs, and Alcohol

Date Approved: April 22 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: March 01 2024

The Board of Education does not condone the use of controlled and illegal drugs, or alcohol in district schools or school sponsored activities regardless of whether the activity takes place inside or outside of the district’s geographical boundaries.

The following process will occur the first time a student is found to be under the influence, or in possession, of controlled and illegal drugs, cannabis and/or alcohol while under the supervision of the school;

  1. Parents or guardians will be contacted to take the student home.
  2. Parents or guardians will be invited to attend a family meeting at the school as soon as possible, and prior to the student returning to school.  They will meet with the School Based Team which may include Principal or Vice-Principal/s, school counsellor, Aboriginal Family Resource Worker, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor/Youth worker, or others.  At the family meeting, the following will occur:
    • Discussion and development of an individualized program to be completed by the student, taking into account the age and developmental needs of the student, preferably in-school in a designated space (under supervision) prior to returning to regular classes.  This program may include:
      1. Work from teachers.
      2. Inquiry work developed collaboratively between the student and a Counsellor or other support worker.
      3. Restitution.
      4. Packaged material re: controlled and illegal drugs, and alcohol use and abuse.
      5. Other.
    • Discussion regarding ongoing supports to the student and family as necessary, for example, continued counselling, academic support, treatment options, medical assistance, etc.
  3. The student may return to regular classes after the individualized program has been satisfactorily completed.  The time frame for completion may vary.

For repeated offence/s:

The Parent/guardians will be contacted to take the student home.  A School Based Team meeting will occur to determine next steps which may include:

  1. Repeat of procedure as for first time.
  2. District Support Committee meeting.
  3. Out of school suspension approved by the Superintendent or designate.


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