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5220-15 | Use of School District Vehicles

Date Approved: July 27 2020
Date Reviewed/Amended:

A School District Vehicle is a vehicle owned by School District # 52 and made available to support the transportation needs students and of district employees.  School District Vehicles belong to the School District and employees are required to use them properly.

SD 52 will determine which employees will be assigned company vehicles. Employees are not permitted to drive their School District Vehicle outside of working hours. We retain the right to revoke or assign company vehicles at our discretion.

Driver’s obligations

  • Only use the School District Vehicle for work related purposes. Personal use is not permitted without prior authorization from the Director of Operations.
  • Drive safe and sober.
  • Respect traffic laws and other drivers.
  • Report required maintenance to the Director of Operations. Schedule maintenance when approved by the Director of Operations and bring vehicle in for the scheduled maintenance.
  • Check the vehicle regularly to ensure gas, tire pressure and all fluids are at appropriate levels. 
  • Ensure that proper winter rated tires are installed for use during winter months.
  • Report any damage or problems with the vehicle to the Director of Operations as soon as possible.
  • Avoid violations that may result in fines.  Employees are responsible to pay any fines related to their operation of the vehicle.
  • If an employee has their driver’s license suspended or revoked, they must inform the Director of Operations immediately. 

Employees are not to:

  • Violate distracted driving laws, including use of a phone or texting while driving.
  • Smoke inside of a School District Vehicle.
  • Lease, sell or lend a School District Vehicle.
  • Allow unauthorized people to drive a School District Vehicle.


If an employee is involved in an accident with a School District Vehicle, while on scene they should collect the information on the form located with their insurance papers.  Then, as noted above, report the accident to the Director of Operations.

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