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4210-20 | Weapons

Date Approved: February 19 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: March 01 2024

The possession or use of any weapon is a serious threat to the school environment and to the safety of both students and staff. Weapons are prohibited from school property except as authorized by school regulations. All school personnel, who believe an unauthorized weapon is present on school property are directed to take appropriate action as outlined in this regulation to ensure the safety of both students and staff.

The definition of a weapon is:

  1. anything that is used, that is intended to be used, or is designed to put someone in fear;
  2. anything used or intended for use in causing death or injury to persons whether designed for that purpose or not; or,
  3. anything used or intended for use of threatening or intimidating any person, and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, includes any firearm as defined in Section 84 of the Criminal Code.

Authorization of Weapons:

Weapons are prohibited from school property except as follows:

  1. Peace Officers possessing weapons when attending on school property in connection with their duties;
  2. When a weapon is desired to be present in a class for an educational purpose; and,
  3. In accordance with the exceptions for religious beliefs set out below.

Any weapon which is desired to be in a classroom for an educational purpose must be approved in advance by the Principal. Absent pre-approval, it is not authorized. This includes, for example, the construction of a knife or other item which might be considered to be a weapon as part of an applied skills class. If a student desires to make such an article as a project, pre-approval by the Principal is required. The Principal will instruct the teacher of any special security arrangements that are required. 

Administrative Procedures:

  1. When a Principal reasonably believes that any person on school premises:
    1. possesses an unauthorized weapon on his or her person or in any other place, or
    2. uses a weapon for the purposes of intimidation or assault,

the Principal will either

  1. encourage the peaceful relinquishment of the weapon: or
  2. follow Regulation 4110-42: Emergency Preparedness – Intruder Lockdown.

Reporting Procedures:

After the Principal has ensured the safety of students and staff the Principal:

  1. Shall, as soon as is practicable, notify the parent or guardian of any child involved in the situation.
  2. Shall make an oral report of the situation immediately to the Superintendent, or designate.
  3. *May, as soon as is practicable, file a written report to the Superintendent of Schools. Every effort should be made to include appropriate details, processes and the evidence gathered all of which may be required to support charges.

*Note:  Distinction should be maintained between possession and use of a weapon. The "May" in (c) above will become "Shall" for the use of a weapon.

Suspension of Student:

The possession of any weapon by a student is a serious threat to the school environment and to the safety of both students and staff. The Principal may suspend any student in possession of or utilizing a weapon for up to five days. Notwithstanding a possible suspension, the student may also be required to attend a meeting with the District Discipline Committee.

School Code of Conduct:

This district Regulation relating to weapons shall be part of the Code of Conduct of all Prince Rupert School District schools.

Exceptions for Religious Beliefs:

Where a parent or guardian wishes their child to wear at school a religious symbol which falls within the definition of a "weapon," the process will be followed according to the Human Rights Act.



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