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4110 | Emergency Preparedness Policy

Date Approved: March 13 2012
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 10 2015


The Board of Education is committed to providing high standards of health, safety, and security for all students, staff and visitors.  The purpose of this policy and its accompanying regulations is to ensure that action plans are prepared to deal with emergencies.

This policy describes considerations that must be addressed to prepare for emergencies that might threaten the personal safety or life of persons on school district premises, or threaten district facilities.



An emergency is a sudden, unexpected occurrence requiring immediate action to stabilize a situation.  Emergencies affecting school facilities, school buses and/or water taxis for an unspecified period of time include, but are not limited to:

  • earthquake
  • fire
  • tsunami
  • hazardous material accident/spills
  • threats to schools (e.g. intruders, bomb threats)
  • school bus or water taxi accident
  • severe weather

The Board recognizes the importance of being prepared for various types of emergencies.  It is important that appropriate plans and procedures are developed to deal with such emergencies.  It is also important that students, employees and parents be knowledgeable about the various emergency plans and procedures in order to be as prepared as possible in the event of an actual emergency.  To this end:

  1. all employees shall be informed about the emergency plans and procedures to be followed at their work site, to ensure their safety and the safety of others;
  2. students and employees shall practice the emergency plans and procedures implemented at their school or work site;
  3. parents shall be advised of the emergency procedures developed at the school(s), buses and/or water taxis where their child(ren) are attending and/or riding; and
  4. materials and supplies kept on hand to support school emergency procedures shall be in good order.

4110-10 - - Emergency Preparedness - Fire Response
4110-12 - - Emergency Preparedness - Fire Prevention
4110-15 - - Emergency Preparedness - Hazardous Material Spill
4110-20 - - Emergency Preparedness - Earthquake Response
4110-22 - - Emergency Preparedness - Earthquake Preparations
4110-25 - - Emergency Preparedness - Landslide or Mudslide Response
4110-30 - - Emergency Preparedness - Tsunami Response
4110-35 - - Emergency Preparedness - Flood Response
4110-40 - - Emergency Preparedness - Hold and Secure
4110-42 - - Emergency Preparedness - Intruder Lockdown
4110-50 - - Emergency Preparedness - Bomb Threat Response
4110-52 - - Emergency Preparedness - Bomb Threat Preparations
4110-90 - - Emergency Preparedness - Emergency Drills
4110-60 - - Emergency Preparedness - Medical Emergency Response
4110-62 - - Emergency Preparedness - Vehicle Accident Response
4110-65 - - Emergency Preparedness - Extended Power or Natural Gas Outage
4110-10 - - Emergency Preparedness - Fire Response
4310-40 - - Incident Reporting and Investigation Decision Tree

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