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2110-10 | Training to Fill Vacancies

Date Approved: February 18 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: July 07 2016


From time to time, the Board experiences difficulties in filling positions vital to the operation of the District. Often these positions require specific educational credentials, including specialized certificates or degrees.  When after failing to fill one of these positions through regular processes (advertising locally, provincially and nationally), the District will consider providing incentives to candidates considered to have the potential necessary to successfully fill one of these positions through training and/or education. 

Persons currently employed by the District will be informed of the District’s intention to offer incentives for specific positions so that potential candidates are able to express their interest to the board office. All interested candidates will be considered using the following criteria 

Criteria for considering potential candidates:

  • Must have demonstrated a strong aptitude for the position. 
  • Must have relevant educational background (including prerequisites). 
  • Must be able to complete necessary educational requirements within three years. 

Final decision regarding the suitability of candidates will be with the Board. 

Subject to the provisions of a collective agreement, the following may be included as incentives:

  • Educational leave. 
  • Financial assistance through a loan. 
  • Continuation of benefits during the educational leave. 
  • Relocation assistance. 

Return of Service: 

Candidates will be expected to return to the District for up to five years following successful completion of the educational program.  The Board will forgive a portion of the loan or relocation assistance allowance on a prorated basis over the agreed upon period to a maximum of $5000 per year. 

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