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1350 | Student Medications Policy

Date Approved: September 10 2013
Date Reviewed/Amended: March 07 2017


It is the policy of the Board that in those cases where a student requires medication during school activities, the principal is responsible for the administration of such medication. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to bring the matter to the attention of school principal.

Except in emergency situations, and subject to the requirements of the Anaphylaxis Regulation, no employee of the Board shall administer medication or supervise the self-administration of medication unless it is carried out in accordance with the district procedures. Until such procedures are arranged, medication should not be administered, even though this may result in a student being absent from school for a few days.

It is recognized that the medication to be administered should not normally require any special skill or knowledge on the part of the school principal or designate. 


1350-10 - - Medication for Students Regulation 
1350-10A - - Request for Administration of Medication at School - Form 
1350-10B - - Student Medical Alert - Form 

1380  Anaphylaxis Policy
1380-10 – Anaphylaxis Regulation

1350-10 - - Medication for Students Regulation
1350-10A - - Request for Administration of Medication at School - Form
1380-10 - - Anaphylaxis
1380 - - Anaphylaxis Policy
1350-10B - - Student Medical Alert(s) - Forms