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1610-12 | Field Trip Supervision Regulation

Date Approved: August 26 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: July 31 2019

Teacher Responsibilities

The School Regulation, Sec. 5 (7) (g) states:

(7)        The principal of a school is responsible for administering and supervising the school including

(f)        the general conduct of students, both on school premises and during activities that are off school premises and that are organized or sponsored by the school.


The School Regulation, Sec. 4 (1) (b) states:

(1)        The duties of a teacher include the following:

(b)       providing such assistance as the board or principal considers necessary for the supervision of students on school premises and at school functions, whenever and wherever held.


Therefore teachers involved in field trips are responsible under the authority of the principal for the supervision of students before, during and after regular hours, both inside and outside the school itself.


When planning a field trip a teacher will ensure that supervision is available at all times, and that assistant supervisors are competent to deal with any emergencies that may arise. The degree of supervision necessary will depend on factors such as:

  1. the age and maturity of the students;
  2. the risks associated with the activity;
  3. the location for the field trip (for example, a trip to the museum would not need as many supervisors as a trip to the seashore).


The teacher is responsible for adequate supervision of students at all times, although the teacher may be assisted by approved parent volunteers and other competent adults.


Supervision arrangements will be made known to parents.


Water Activities

A supervisor with a lifeguarding certificate is required for any field trip taking students in or on the water. Swimming pool lifeguards meet this requirement at a public swimming pool. For other activities such as swimming in Diana Lake or taking students on canoeing or kayaking trips, a lifeguard must accompany students on the trip.


Overnight Trips

Male students will be accompanied by male supervisor(s) and female students will be accompanied by female supervisor(s) for overnight trips, unless special arrangements have been made with, and approval given by, the Superintendent. Special arrangements will include obtaining written parental permission on a form that outlines the specific nature of supervision to be provided.


For the protection of both students and supervisors, the following rules will be used for each overnight trip that requires supervision:

  • Students shall not be given single accommodation.
  • Student access to supervisor's room shall be carefully controlled and single access prohibited (one-on-one discussions or counselling shall occur at a neutral site such as a coffee shop or hotel lobby).
  • In cases of billeting, there shall be more than one student per home. Students and billets shall be given the contact numbers for the coaches and other chaperones. The coach sets the curfew and monitors that curfew by calling the hosts to ensure compliance. (No students are to be billeted in homes without a phone.)


High Risk Field Trips – Wilderness Activities

For high risk activities, competent instruction and supervision is mandatory. The principal must be satisfied that the teacher will provide adequate supervision, competent instruction, and follow recognized safety procedures for the planned activities. Competence may be established by virtue of a certificate from a governing body, such as a Canoeing Instructor's Certificate from Canoe Sport B.C., a Red Cross Small Boats Certificate, or a Canadian Canoeing Association Instructor Certificate. In areas where certificates are not issued, competency may be recognized by the leader's peers by virtue of experience and demonstrated expertise in the activity.

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